Aquarelle and Super bright S-Lips

Numerous steps are taken during each appointment to ensure that you will love your MicroArt  Permanent Makeup S-lips.


Detailed measurements of your lips will be taken with an erasable so you can see, adjust and optimize the shape before micro-pigmentation begins to get the look you will love. We specialize in very natural-looking results and most clients choose the Aquarelle technique because they are looking for natural-looking lips – yet all our work is customized so we can create the precise look that you want to achieve. Your PMU Artist will consult with you about your individual needs and the style that you would like to achieve. THE COLOR: PMU

Artist will consult with you about the best color for your individual personality. Because our colors are custom blended we have an unlimited selection. Some clients prefer to bring in their favorite lipstick for us to match the color.


During the 1st session we always err on the side of caution with the color, fullness, and shape of the cupids bow as we can always add more in the 2nd session. Your lips will look great after the first session but will look even better after the 2nd appointment. Once our mineral-based pigment is applied in thin layers, using a shading technique – you will be able to check the work after each layer to ensure you are delighted.


Because the procedure is done in two appointments, the lips are always slightly underdone in the first session leaving room to make them thicker, or brighter in your 2nd appointment. During your 2nd appointment, the shape and color are fine-tuned.

Aquarelle and Super bright S-Lips

Aquarelle S- Lips or Superbright Lips

Time: 1 hr 30 min| Price: $450
Touch up after 1 month – $150