Stardust & Soft Liner S-Eyes

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Eyeliner between the lashes is a common treatment; thousands of people have a color applied every day! The results are so fabulous you need to see it to believe it. The price of eyeliner procedures varies depending on your technician’s rates and on the design work involved. Thicker eyeliner with tails is generally more expensive than simple eyelash enhancements because much more time needs to be spent on perfecting your design.

Procedures are very comfortable. An ample anesthetic is used and the treatment is not harsh at all. Your technician will stretch the skin of your eye the way they need to in order to implant color, and the tools used are very ergonomic, so the procedure is fast in most cases.

Expect Eyeliner 2 – Eyeliner tattoo

Simple procedures like eyelash enhancements and thin to the medium liner with the wing take about an hour to complete. Upper lash lines take longer than lowers, and upper lids with thick liners or tails take much longer—set aside an hour just for the top. Lower lashes can be finished in ten to twenty minutes.

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Stardust Technique – Shading technique with two (and more) colors. Right after you get your eyes done, expect some swelling and puffiness in the eye area. Your eyeliner will be very dark and will continue to get darker over the next few days. Your professional will give you some Recover All, our post-treatment ointment for permanent makeup procedures. Apply it whenever your eyes are dry during the next week.

During the healing process, the liner will fade to the color that was first implanted during the first five minutes of the procedure. If you see any spots missing, or your eyeliner is not as dark as you wish, come in for a quick touch-up to make sure you are perfectly happy with your eyeliner.

Your perfect liner can usually be achieved in two treatments, (if you see any color missing after it heals, come in for a quick touch-up) but it does need maintenance to stay looking great. Your eyes lubricate themselves often, and when you expose yourself to the sun or use eye cream, your permanent eyeliner is likely to fade over time. To prevent fading and keep your eyes looking fabulous, come in for a touch-up once every 4-6 years, or whenever you see any signs of fading.

S-Eyes Stardust

Time: 1 hr 30min | Price: $450